UTIHI's annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QuIPS) Conference focuses on skill development and interactive programming around health care system innovation. It is an opportunity for students to showcase their improvement initiatives and connect with the greater healthcare community. 



In 2021, UTIHI collaborated with IHI UBC host a virtual healthcare conference. We explored the experience of healthcare through different lenses, delving into our expectations of healthcare, the disparities caused by our current systems and policies, and solutions that could solve the challenges faced by Canadians. 

UTIHI's 2019 conference set out to explore the concepts and principles behind Design Thinking methodology and its systemic implications within healthcare. Leaders within the healthcare design field  showcased the design process for initiatives across multiple levels - from designing medical tools to that of organizational initiatives and supports for healthcare professionals.

The 2018 QuIPS conference examined the future of healthcare, focusing on the roles of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in reimagining the ways healthcare can be delivered.



Dr. Kate Sellen

Associate Professor, Faculty of Design OCAD U, Canada Research Chair in Health Design (Tier 2)

Tai Huynh

Creative Director at UHN OpenLab, Editor-in-Chief of, Co-Founder of Choosing Wisely Canada

Dr. Chris O’Connor

President and Founder of Think Research; Critical Care Physician at Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga.

Julia Novik

LEAN Green Belt, Founder of Canada Health Net

LEAN Black Belt, Change Agent of Canada Health Net

Dr. Iris Gorfinkel

Founder and Principal Investigator of PrimeHealth Clinical Research