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Health Systems Policy

In 2023, UTIHI established a policy arm designed to facilitate the preparation and submission of formal non-partisan recommendations to municipal, provincial, and federal governments by health profession students and representative societies. We aim to support students in bringing forward systemic recommendations that have the potential to positively impact healthcare human resources, resource stewardship, performance measurement, and other areas that contribute to the betterment of patient care. We support education in this domain and do not make submissions of our own.


Thematic Areas

Cyclical Submissions

In addition to committee submissions on private member bills, we educate students on how to prepare written submissions for yearly budget reviews by parliamentary & council committees



FINA Pre-Budget Consultations,

House of Commons

Scope: Canada Health Act, Policies

August-October, Yearly



SCFEA Pre-Budget Consultations,

Ontario Legislative Assembly

Scope: Health Insurance, Policies, and Institutional Funding

January-February, Yearly



Budget Committee, 

Toronto City Council

Scope: Public Health, Preventative Services

January, Yearly

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