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UTIHI is a local chapter established in 2009 as part of the larger Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School. Currently, IHI is made up of 900 chapters in over 90 countries worldwide. We represent students across various departments at the University of Toronto, such as nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, medical radiation, engineering, allied health professionals, social work, kinesiology, health policy, management, and public health.

We are committed to connecting you to quality improvement and patient safety opportunities in established healthcare communities across Toronto. You will gain foundational skills, knowledge, and valuable experience to become an agent of change for the future.

Meet the Team

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Toronto. We aim to continually motivate and educate aspiring healthcare professionals for success in the field of healthcare improvement.  


Nathan Best


Shreya Gramolini

Shreya Gramolini

Director of Practical Experience


Jennifer Zhong

Director of Publishing

Nabila Noor.JPG

Nabila Noor

Director of Public Affairs

Jessica Zhang.jpg

Jessica Zhang

Nursing Rep

Konrad Samsel 5_edited.jpg

Konrad Samsel

Interim Co-President

IMG_2012 - Tafsia Hussain_edited.jpg

Tafsia Hussain

Director of Practical Experience

Jasmine Park.jpeg

Jasmine Park

Conference Director

Adin Aggarwal's Photo.jpg

Adin Aggarwal

Director Communications

Celine Frederick.JPG

Celine Frederick

Nursing Rep


Kaitlin Chen

Vice President Internal

5FAEBD14-7636-40C2-A08E-3FFA899C59C4 - Belinda Xu_edited.jpg

Belinda Xu

Director of Education

Josephine Jaden Gene .JPG

Josephine Gene

Director of Collaboration


Hila Akbari

Pharmacy Representative


Reenika Aggarwal

Medicine Rep

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 10.39.45 - Thea Wang.png

Thea Dora Wang

Vice-President External

IMG_6690 - Yeasmin Sultana Begum_edited_edited.jpg

Yeasmin Sultana Begum

Director of Education

Sarah Iskin.JPG

Sarah Iskin

Director of Education


Deep Shah

Pharmacy Representative


Emma Cooper

Assoc. Director Practical Experience

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