Quality Improvement 

(QI) Projects

We match University of Toronto students with healthcare professionals in organizations throughout the GTA. These multidisciplinary teams complete QI and Patient Safety projects and have the opportunity to showcase their work during our annual conference.


QI projects are an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in a healthcare setting.


Our Directors of Practical Experience link students with IHI Open School resources to increase their understanding of quality improvement and patient safety principles, match students with a 7 month project, oversee the progression of the project and provide interdisciplinary team networking.

Students work in teams of 3-4 lead by QI project champions (healthcare professionals) and are required to showcase their work at our annual conference in June.


As QI project leads, students have the opportunity to address various complexities within in our healthcare system, and apply the fundamental principles of the IHI Open School to a real-life issue within our local community. As a lead, you will get practical experience to make a lasting impact.


Healthcare Professionals

  • Healthcare professionals with experience in quality improvement interested in working with a team of students on a 7 month healthcare-related project at their site.

  • Some examples may include:

    • System-level improvement

    • Patient-Interaction

    • Clinical Decision Support

    • Patient and Provider Technologies


  • Current undergraduate, graduate or professional school students who would like to gain experience in quality improvement and patient safety

  • Multidisciplinary teams of 3-4 which consist of a team lead and students from varied backgrounds such as:

    • Health informatics

    • Life or health sciences

    • Medicine

    • Nursing

    • Pharmacy

    • Engineering

    • Other programs at the University of Toronto

Recruiting for the 2020-2021 cycle is closed



The University of Toronto Chapter for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (UTIHI) presents to you our 2019-2020 student-led quality improvement (QI) projects in partnership with local healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals. This project is part of a series of QI projects for the 2019-2020 school year. As part of the presentation process, audiences are encouraged to vote on the project they think best represents the IHI Open School's fundamental principles and "Triple Aim".

Click below to watch the QI Project presentations by our students!