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QuIPS 2018

The annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QuIPS) Conference is open to all students and will focus on skill development and interactive programming around health care system innovation. This is also an opportunity for students to showcase their improvement initiatives throughout the year.

On June 8th and 9th, 2018 UTIHI will be hosting the 2018 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference (QuIPS 2018), our 8th annual interactive conference for students, healthcare providers, and system leaders. 


Friday, June 8th

6:30 - 7:00 PM Registration

7:00 - 8:00 PM President Welcome + Keynote Speaker (Dr. Chris O'Connor)

8:00 - 9:30 PM Networking Social + Refreshments


Saturday, June 9th

8:30 - 9:00 AM Registration + Breakfast

9:00 - 9:15 AM President Welcome

9:15 - 10:15 AM Opening Keynote (Julia Novik & CJ Bawa)

10:15 - 11:15 AM Oral Presentations

11:15 - 11:45 AM Break + Light Refreshments

11:45 - 1:15 PM Workshops (see below)

1:15 - 2:15 PM Lunch + Poster Presentations

2:15 - 3:45 PM Workshops (see below)

3:45 - 4:45 PM Closing Keynote (Dr. Iris Gorfinkel)

4:45 - 5:10 PM President Concluding Remarks

“IHI is proud to support the work of our Open School Chapters. The University of Toronto hosts one of our longest standing Chapters, and is an important example of students’ instrumental role in advancing the fields of quality and safety in health care. Alongside faculty and local QI champions, this interprofessional Chapter has promoted the integration of quality and safety education in the curriculum, and created meaningful opportunities for peers to practice and apply these skills in the field. We look forward to their annual conference, as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate these efforts, and grow their impressive learning community.”

- Derek Feeley, President and CEO, IHI




President and Founder of Think Research & Critical Care Physician at Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga.

Dr. O’Connor served as the former director of Medical Informatics at Trillium Health Center for 5 years.  He founded Think Research in 2006, an organization with a vision for creating a connected collaborative ecosystem for the creation, deployment and measurement of knowledge based tools. Starting initially with just acute care order sets, Think Research has expanded to include knowledge based documentation, e-referrals, virtual care and patient facing applications. Now in 3 countries with over 1000 health care facilities, Think Research continues to grow across the health care system.



LEAN Green Belt, Founder of Canada Health Net

Julia Novik founded Canada Health Net as an innovator and change management advocate for healthcare system transformation seeing the burning platform for change. Current healthcare systems have significant gaps falling short of the growing demands of aging populations and a rapid increase in chronic disease management.

Julia launched innovative health technologies and developed patient access solutions in pursuit of improving patient care and providing innovative solutions for better healthcare delivery. She believes that if every healthcare employee approaches health delivery through the perspective of patients, the system would be designed to address and better meet patient needs.



LEAN Black Belt, Change Agent of Canada Health Net

Charanjit (CJ) is a passionate, results-driven professional, an enthusiastic public speaker, coach and mentor. He has 23 years of experience in transforming numerous organizations, training and coaching over 3000 individuals (on Lean White, Yellow, Green Belt & Lean Tools).

He supported over 50 project teams and embedded LEAN Six Sigma in organizations varying from 100 to 7000 employees by acting as a motivator, a trainer, a coach, a mentor and a facilitator. He has coached individuals from all the sectors including healthcare, service, public service, manufacturing and construction.



Founder and Principal Investigator of PrimeHealth Clinical Research


Iris Gorfinkel, M.D. is a general practitioner and medical researcher. She has an active general practice in Toronto and has participated in over fifty clinical trials in primary care. She is the founder and Principal Investigator of PrimeHealth Clinical Research.


The QuIPS 2018 workshops are designed around 3 primary themes: Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability, led by innovators in the fields of quality improvement and patient safety.  Our speakers will showcase examples of how innovation, entrepreneurship and technology can drive healthcare quality improvement, and will provide interactive skill-building experiences for attendees. You will gain valuable insights into exacting positive change in healthcare through leadership and collaboration. Workshops will be held in the morning and afternoon of Conference Day,  Saturday June 9th.


(11:45 AM - 1:15 PM)

Virtual Interactive Cases (VIC): Patient Assessments
Speaker: Dr. Gordon Tait

Automating Quality Improvement In Primary Care: How The OCEAN Platform Is Making Waves
Speaker: Jeff Kavanagh
*Computer will be required*

Innovating The Patient And Physician Journey Through Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Rob Iaboni

Panel: Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Healthcare
Speakers: Dr. Yaariv Khaykin, Julie Waras Brogren, and Patrick Clifford


(2:15 PM - 3:45 PM)

Inventing The Future Of Healthcare At The Intersection Of Technology & Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Fazila Seker

Innovating Responsibly: OpenLab
Speaker: Tai Huynh

Emergency Preparedness Simulations
Speaker: Andrew Moull

Jeff Kavanagh.png

Automating Quality Improvement in Primary Care: How the Ocean Platform is Making Waves

Jeff Kavanagh, President & Co-Founder of CognisantMD

Implementing sustainable quality improvement initiatives in primary care has historically involved many challenges, from achieving buy-in from staff and altering clinic workflows, to tracking and measuring outcomes. Pilot projects often show early promise only to lose momentum because the clinic workflow was unwieldy. Recently, EMR-integrated tools at the point-of-care have emerged, making it easier to integrate QI programs into existing clinical workflows, and even improving clinic flow, saving time, and enhancing patient care.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn about the genesis and evolution of CognisantMD and Ocean Platform as a made-in-Canada Health IT success story.

  • Hear how smoking screening and cessation, falls prevention, and poverty screening tools are being completed by patients every day on tablets and electronic forms, with results feeding straight into the chart.

  • See how to set up a study to collect longitudinal, multi-site data to track and measure outcomes while helping clinicians collect better patient data in their chart.

  • Get a look “behind the scenes” with a guided, hands-on opportunity to start building your own forms and studies in Ocean.

Virtual Interactive Cases

Dr. Gordon Tait, PhD, Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management Toronto General Hospital

VIC cases are intended to allow students to practice patient assessment to identify the patient’s problem and select a treatment plan for the problem. VIC cases can be developed for any health care profession.


The first half hour of the workshop will demonstrate how VIC cases simulate the process of patient assessment and how students get feedback on their performance. The second part of the workshop, participants will divide into groups based on their health care profession and develop the framework for a VIC case for their profession. In the last half hour, groups will share their cases with the other groups in the workshop.


Following the conference, those interested will have the opportunity to complete the cases and enter them into the VIC Editor. The completed cases can then be made available on the VIC website for students to practice with.


Innovating Responsibly: OpenLab

Tai Huynh, Creative Director at OpenLab (UHN), Co-Founder of Choosing Wisely Canada, Editor-in-Chief of

Poorly designed health care services affect those from marginalized communities the most, and yet, people from these communities are often excluded from quality improvement and co-design efforts. There are many reasons for this and if not properly considered, quality improvement efforts can perpetuate inequity. In this workshop, participants can expect to learn about the reasons why some segments of the patient population are often excluded, as well as practical tools and methods for countering such tendencies.


The workshop will introduce participants to the concepts of ‘participatory design’, ‘service design’ and ‘extreme users’, and how working with patients with exceptional needs can lead to breakthrough innovations that have the potential to benefit all of us. These concepts will be illustrated through several exciting projects undertaken by UHN OpenLab, a multi-disciplinary design and innovation shop located at the University Health Network, Canada’s largest research hospital. Participants will get a chance to apply these concepts through hands-on exercises, in small group settings.



Rob Iaboni, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Dash MD, MBiotech

This workshop will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, specifically within the healthcare space. Understanding the patient and physician journey is never easy because it is very fragmented with many moving parts. This workshop focuses on how Dash MD narrows in on the moving parts and takes a system level approach to solve a massive pain point in healthcare. The discussion will be focused on how simple innovative ideas can change the way the system can think and react.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Healthcare 

For this workshop, we will address how one would recognize gaps in healthcare in the first place, and how/where to begin as a budding start-up. This workshop will feature a panel of professionals who have successfully implemented a start-up company and can share their valuable insights and advice. Each panelist will briefly describe their journey, and participants will have the opportunity to ask directed questions and receive personally-relevant feedback.

Our panelists include:

  1. Dr. Yaariv Khaykin, President & Physician Lead at PACE, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at South Lake

  2. Julie Waras Brogren, President of BresoTec (UHN)

  3. Patrick Clifford, Director of Research and Innovation, Research Institute of Southlake Regional Health Centre, MSW, BA, BSW, BEd

  4. Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD, Chief Science Officer at DNA Labs


Emergency Preparedness Simulations 

Andrew Moull, Emergency Preparedness Specialist (Scarborough and Rouge Hospital)

This workshop will review what can be expected when dealing with a variety of emergencies, both big and small in a healthcare setting. The workshop will also look at how to mitigate and prepare participants to deal with an emergency situation, without compromising overall quality of care as well as the various tools and technologies that are available which can assist. After a brief classroom portion, participants will get to test their skills in a series of tabletop exercises designed to challenge them on responding to emergencies and disasters in healthcare.


Inventing the Future of Healthcare at the Intersection of Technology and Entrepreneurship 

Fazila Seker, PhD, Director, Technology & Venture Development, MaRS Innovation


Everybody loves innovation. We know new ideas are vital for achieving the IHI Triple Aim. So why do over 95% of all inventions never reach the people they were meant to help?

Come learn about what it takes to successfully navigate the treacherous innovation jungle every new medical invention faces. Using examples from MaRS Innovation, we’ll illustrate the key steps needed for successful venture development of new medical device inventions making the journey from lab curiosity to better healthcare for society.

In the interactive segment of this workshop, you will work in teams to apply one of the most important steps - evaluating the value proposition. Teams will analyze the clinical standard of care for two cases within breast cancer management, and evaluate proposed new medical device inventions for quality improvement (QI).

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