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A Call to Mandate Patient Access to Personal Primary Care Medical Records Across Canada

We are legally entitled to our medical records but are faced with delays caused by having to sign forms and then waiting for our family physicians to forward vital medical information. Every healthcare professional has encountered this issue in their career. From health forms and immunization records to the personal management of one’s own health.

Doctors Iris Gorfinkel (MD) and Joel Lexchin (MD) address the lack of Canadian patient accessibility to their own health records. Read their CMAJ article below for more information on Canada’s current status on the Electronic Medical Records and how we can improve our system in light of other existing records.

Mandating patient portals of access to electronic medical records in family practices would allow  24/7 access to health information, engaging and empowering patients in their own care. Canadians can make a difference today and contribute to changing and improving the healthcare system by simply signing Dr. Iris Gorfinkel’s petition below! Share this with your friends and colleagues.


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