Using Chatbots to Innovate the Caregiver Support Space

Using Chatbots to Innovate the Caregiver Support Space

SE Health is a national social enterprise providing home care, health solutions and education. The organization constantly strives to improve quality, while staying relevant with the needs of Canadians in the digital age.

SE Health’s consumer and caregiver focused brand Elizz, have partnered with X2AI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup based out of Silicon Valley, to create and market an AI-enabled Chatbot for family caregivers as part of a “Smart Family Caregiving” portfolio. Family caregivers commonly experience physical and emotional strain, yet often struggle to findan easily accessible and unbiased support system. Having access to a digital companion in the form of a Chatbot can help fill this gap by readily dialoguing with family caregivers via text messaging “24/7, with zero judgement, and zero burden”.

Building Quality Improvement Skills Through IHI's Quick Course

This year, IHI held a Quick Course workshop here in Toronto to build essential Quality Improvement skills and teach us about implementation, sustainability and spread of improvement initiatives! 

One lucky contestant won our photo contest to attend this workshop (valued at USD $500) for free! Read the article below to find out more about her experience and what she learned.