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UTIHI is a local chapter of the larger Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School. We represent students across various departments at the University of Toronto, such as nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and public health. 

Our goal is to promote quality improvement (QI) and patient safety by providing students with professional development opportunities through QI projects, conferences, and educational seminars. 

Our 2021 Quality Improvement Conference is here!

We're delighted to be collaborating with IHI UBC to bring you this year's QI conference: IHI Insight. Join us on May 27th and 28th to explore "The Experience of Healthcare.”


We’ll be joined by two wonderful keynote speakers in Dr. Kedar Mate, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Dr. Danielle Martin, EVP and Chief Medical Executive of Women’s College Hospital.

Sessions will cover a range of topics, including a social accountability of medical school, digital technologies for healthcare improvement, value-based leadership in complex systems, and many more! 

For the full program and list of speakers, visit ihiinsight.ca

Thank you to our conference sponsors!

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What We Do

Quality Improvement (QI) projects are opportunities for students to practice applying patient safety and quality improvement principles to real world cases. Students are assigned to multidisciplinary teams with healthcare professionals for seven month placements within the GTA.

UTIHI holds annual conferences to highlight innovation in healthcare from the ways technology is transforming healthcare delivery to the ways entrepreneurship injects new ideas into the field. With industry speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities, these conferences are a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain professional exposure. 

We host accredited interprofessional education seminars in order to promote the type of interdisciplinary collaboration required of healthcare professionals. These seminars address many of the pressing issues faced today, such as medication errors, pain management, and effective resource stewardship.


We are sponsored by North America's leading healthcare organizations.

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